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Konzertfotografie Schrift Galaxy BT
Jonathan Kluth, voc, g, in Schneverdingen
 at Blues Roots and Song Festival Stephan Holstein, Augsburg, clarinet cl,
Caroline Aiken, voc, g, in Hamburg at
 Fabrik, 2015 Arild Andersen, b, 
Jazz Night Lüneburg 2016
Dilana Smith rocks, voc, g, in Schneverdingen
 at Blues Roots and Song Festival 2016 Niamh Dunne (Beoga), voc, v, in Buchholz at
 Empore 2016
Lura, at Fabrik Hamburg 2016 PICS:

Jonathan Kluth (Germany), voc, g • Stephan Holstein (Germany), cl

Caroline Aiken (USA), voc, g • Arild Andersen (Norway), b

Dilana Smith (South Africa), voc, g • Niamh Dunne (Irland), voc, v

Lura (Cape Verde Islands), voc

Warren Haynes (USA) voc, g
Warren Haynes of Gov´t Mule at Fabrik Hamburg 2016 It all started in June 2003 with an analog Leica R5 camera and a
standard (50mm 2.0) lens. But the quality of the negative films
varied from very poor to proper. Stuff it! I first shot the (Navigatore-
tour)-concert with double bass player Renaud Garcìa-Fons and his
band in Lüneburg.
About 275 concerts followed till this day (October 2018). And there
were some technical changes made: from analog to digital, from Leica
to Canon, from standard lens to standard zoom lens and back.
In the beginning I was focused on getting good technical results
particularly sharpness. Nowadays I like to exercise care about the
composition. It happens that I don´t shoot in the first hour of the
concert. Then I take a few shots. In the end the number of images
range between 50 and 70. This gallery shall only give a review.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thanks for support and inspiration:
Joan Marcus, Manhattan, New York (joanmarcusphotography.com)
David Andrako, Brooklyn, New York (davidandrako.com)
Guido Karp, Los Angeles, CA (guidokarp.com)
Ross Halfin, England (rosshalfin.com)

CONCERTS 2015: Wingenfelder • Schmidbauer Kälberer • Joan Armatrading • Blues Celebration Fabrik Hamburg • The Busters • Caroline Aiken • Omer Klein Trio • Klaus Major Heuser Band • Celine Rudolph & Lionel Lueke • Akku-Quintett • Ulita Knaus • Wolf Maahn • Tingvall Trio • Hans Theessink & Terry Evans • 48h Wilhelmsburg • Xavier Rudd • Blues Roots and Song Festival Schneverdingen • Daniel Stelter • Martin Tingvall • Alex Schlosser Quartett • Avishai Cohen Trio • Torun Eriksen & Susan and Martin Weinert • Sonny Landreth • Irish Folk Festival • Tom Shaka • Omar Sosa & NDR Bigband • Klaus Hoffmann

CONCERTS 2016: Schmidbauer Kälberer • Konstantin Wecker • Uwaga! • Neal Black & The Healers • Paul O´Brien (2) • Lura • Cæcilie Norby & Lars Danielsson • Street Music Festival Wilhelmsburg • Sven Faller Night Music • Markus Stockhausen & Florian Weber • Gov´t Mule • Helmut Debus • Dilana Smith • Hazmat Modine • The Delta Saints • The White Buffalo (Jakob A. Smith) • Anderson East • Michael Fitz (2) • Pablo Held Trio • Jeremy Loops • Luka Bloom • Irish Folk Festival • Kieran Goss • Otto Groote Ensemble

CONCERTS 2017: Alexander Krichel • Emil Brandqvist Trio • Neal Black & The Healers • Marcus Schinkel Trio • Norland Wind • Willy Astor • Peter Autschbach • Klaus Doldingers Passport • Pimpy Panda • Bonita & The Blues Shacks • Belle Roscoe • Big Daddy Wilson • Wille & the Bandits • Edward Maclean Quintett • Matthias Schriefl Shreefpunk • Carolin No • Neil Diamond • David Blair • Stu Larsen • Altan • Yello • Carl Carlton • Trio Arpeggione

CONCERTS 2018: Georg Ringsgwandl • Paul O´Brien (2) • Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats • Marialy Pacheco & Rhani Krija • Guido Plüschke 50th Birthday Celebration Show • Tommy Emmanuel • Jeff Cascaro • Joel Havea Trio • Earl Thomas • Henrik Freischlader Band • Otto Groote Ensemble • Stefanie Boltz & Band • Herbert Pixner Project • Adjiri Odametey • Laura Cox Band • Joo Kraus • Blues Celebration Empore Buchholz • Trampled by Turtles • Nik Bärtsch`s Ronin • Vijay Iyer Sextett • Jens Düppe Quartett • Kieran Goss & Annie Kinsella • Caro Josee • Marialy Pacheco Trio feat. Olvido Ruiz

Tommy Emmanuel     Tommy Emmanuel (Australia)
    Germany, May 2018
Dilana Smith     Dilana Smith (South Africa)
    Germany, July 2016
Sonny Landreth     Sonny Landreth (USA)
    Germany, October 2015
Stu Larsen     Stu Larsen (Australia)
    Germany, October 2017
Joo Kraus     Joo Kraus (Germany)
    Germany, October 2018
Olvido Ruiz     Olvido Ruiz Castellanos (Havana, Cuba)
    Hamburg, December 2018